About us

About us

In view of the environmental degradation, water pollution, underground water and fish pond filtering, and recirculation of aquaculture,we, FILTERWUYO / WUYO, have been investing manpower in green technology. Also, the traditional filter installed in the past has caused a waste of electricity, water, labor cost and filtering material due to a lack of effective systems management.

Therefore, we take water as our thinking point and consider developing high energy-saving, high efficiency and high quality filters as the aims of our R&D center. Meanwhile, we try our  best to perform perfect design, competitive prices and lifetime service to accomplish a win-win situation.

Our sustainable business philosophy and response to the government's promotion of green energy industry make our products become a good helper to improve the living environment for people and achieve the effects of water, electricity, labor and cost saving.

We obtained PRC’s patent of filter’s structure in 2014 and its patent is pending in the USA.

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We welcome you call us anytime with regards to any questions about fish pond or water quality issue...

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Agitating type of Filter: Swimming pool, Landscape, Fountain,Underground Water, Cooling water,

Agitating type of Filter: Fish pond, Culture pond, Koi pond, Mariculture,

Centrifugal type of filter: Swimming pool, Landscape, Fountain, Underground Water, Cooling water, Fish pond, Culture pond, Koi pond, Mariculture,

Other accessories: Spray bubble head, Skimmer, Net pole, Pond brush, bubble nozzle, outlet eyeball,

Filter material: Quartz sand, Volcanic rock, Crushed stone….

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